We are a biopharmaceutical company with an expertise in creating cutting edge delivery systems and leveraging the science to create plant medicines.


Oneness’s CBD solubilizes directly from organic full-spectrum hemp extract.


Phase-Shift Delivery Technology

We Don’t Settle For Less

oneness technologies

Developing the most sophisticated and advanced technology to maximize plant benefits is at the heart of Oneness Technologies.  We are a biopharmaceutical company led by Dr. Neha Chavan, developing plant-derived therapeutics for FDA approval and offering our solubility technology platform, Oneness OS®, to lead consumer cannabis brands. Oneness OS® presently powers the fastest-selling beverages in the US cannabis market, and we are launching our own direct-to-consumer brand hemp and cannabis brands in 2022.


Leading and advancing the cannabis space through 100% solubility.

Disrupting the cannabis industry through superior technology.

Creating the most profitable pharma-grade cannabis and plant products.

We don’t Settle For Less


Full-Spectrum Cannabis Solutions

Oneness OS® is a pharmaceutical-grade medicine delivery technology that unlocks the maximum potential of Hemp and Cannabis by enabling the 100% solubilization of plants in water.

We continue to develop plant-derived therapeutics for FDA approval using our patented Oneness OS® phase-shift delivery technology to lead health products brands, and offering our own Oneness branded products over the counter. Oneness is a group of experienced A-players from Big Pharma.

Distinguished and reputable

Science & Manufacturing

Oneness is a member of the highly prestigious Technology Incubation Program at UCONN for elite emerging biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

We are the first cannabis-related company ever admitted into the program and we are able to conducts research and manufacturing in a world-class laboratory at UCONN Health Center.

Our cutting edge technology


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  • Enhances solubilization
  • Enhances Permeation
  • Bypasses liver metabolism
  • Inhibits P-glycoprotein efflux
  • Inhibits CYP-450 metabolism


What we do

With a mission to bring balance and well-being to our planet by weaving cutting-edge science with ancient plant-based medicines, Oneness Technologies is committed to studying and advancing solutions for plant-based medicine, creating multiple product lines and streams of revenue, while integrating ancient eastern knowledge and sharing our findings with the world.


We conduct research and lab-tested clinical trials to develop advanced healing solutions.

product development

We develop advanced and
safe pharmaceutical-grade plant-based medicine.


Educating industry leaders, healthcare professionals, wellness experts, and consumers.

holistic integration

Bridging ancient plant-based medicine to modern-day science and technologies.

Meet our Founder

Dr. Neha Chavan

Dr. Neha invented and patented the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade medicine delivery platform capable of supporting full-spectrum plant extracts such as hemp and cannabis. Her breakthrough technology, Oneness OS®, unlocks the maximum potential of hemp and cannabis by enabling the 100% solubilization of plants in water.

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Distribution Opportunities

Discover Oneness Technologies’ opportunities to partner and distribute our advanced and sophisticated plant-based technology.


Oneness is a Pharmaceutical company developing a series of plant-derived therapeutics for FDA approval. Oneness offers our phase-shift drug delivery platform, Oneness OS®, to consumer hemp and cannabis companies which enables full-spectrum 100% water-soluble finished products.