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Applying pharmaceutical sciences in consumer cannabis.

Oneness Technologies is a biotechnology company offering its revolutionary drug delivery platform, Oneness OS®, to the consumer hemp, cannabis, and pharmaceutical markets. Oneness OS® presently powers the best-selling beverages in the US cannabis market since early 2020. Oneness is a partner with the University of Florida’s highly prestigious biotechnology program as the University’s first ever cannabis related partner.

“The most advanced technologies are indistinguishable from Nature.”

– Dr. Neha Chavan –

Mission & Vision.

Enabling our partners to create the most scientifically advanced, consumer friendly, and profitable cannabis products in the world by offering easy to implement, high ROI advanced medicine technologies.

Company Landmarks.


  • Company founded by Dr. Neha Chavan.


  • Oneness OS developed.
  • Oneness opens the first GMP manufacturing lab.
  • Co-developed Levia Cannabis Seltzers.


    • Launched Levia Cannabis Seltzers in MA.
    • Levia achieved $10M in sales in 10M in the state of Massachusetts, the fastest-selling and most profitable cannabis beverage nationally.


      • Partnership formed with the University of Florida - 1st ever cannabis partner of the University.
      • Levia Cannabis Seltzers acquired by AYR Wellness for $60M.
      • Oneness OS enters the Morocco cannabis market.
      • Oneness starts its first clinical trials.

        Oneness is a pharmaceutical company applying a series of plant-derived therapeutics for FDA approval.

        Oneness offers our phase-shift drug delivery platform, Oneness OS®, to consumer hemp and cannabis companies which enables full-spectrum 100% water-soluble finished products.

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