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100% Water Soluble. 100% Genuine Full-Spectrum.
Designer Cannabis products. Exclusive with oneness.

Hemp powered by Oneness OS®.

We offer the most impact ingredients and medicines to consumers through friendly products powered by the world’s great technology.

$75 MSRP

Add a dropper of Deep Night to your evening glass of water or juice to effortlessly unwind for bed. A relaxation-promoting cannabinoid profile is paired with fresh lavender flower offering a most blissful descent into a dream world. Powered by Oneness OS® phase-shift technology.

$280 MSRP

A potent boost to the endocannabinoid system, Extra Strength offers a concentrated dose, fast absorption, and whole-flower hemp powered by the Oneness OS® technology.

$75 MSRP

Invigorate your day riding the blissful wave of Bright Day. An energy-promoting cannabinoid profile is paired with natural rose and key lime accents offering an effortless lift into joy. Powered by Oneness OS®.


Expect a blissful and balanced feeling to kick in quickly and last about 2 hours. The flavor is designed by an internationally renowned mixologist and is Powered by Oneness OS®. Contains real lavender flower.


Expect a vibrant and joyful feeling to kick it quickly and last about 2 hours. Designed by an internationally renowned mixologist and Powered by Oneness OS®.

We offer the most impact ingredients and medicines to consumers through friendly products powered by the world’s greatest technology.


The only technology in
the world that enables the 100% solubilization of true whole-flower full-spectrum organic cannabis.


100% Solubility in water

Allowing the use of whole-flower hemp and cannabis.

5 minute onset

Achieving the fastest acting results in as little as 5 minutes.


Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoirs retained retained in solution.


100% Delicious

Crafted to please even the most demanding taste buds.

Superior Results.

Competitor Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract in MCT Oil

Time:30 minutes

  • 9% 9%

Competitor Water Soluble Distillate

Time:30 minutes

  • 30% 30%

ONENESS OS® Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract

Time:5 minutes

  • 100% 100%

Source: BioLink Lifesciences, NC

The Scientific Reality.

  • Solubility is Vital

The Human bloodstream is over 80% water. Therefore, the more a medicine is soluble in water, the more efficiently and effectively it can be absorbed in the human system.

  • Full-Spectrum is Vital

Human Endocannabinoind system, 400+ unique Molecules in whole flower full-spectrum hemp. Well-studied entourage effect, cite journal.

The market loves us!

Oneness co-developed Levia Cannabis Seltzers, the first cannabis consumer product built on Oneness OS®. Levia launched in 2021 and achieved $10M in sales in its first 10 months becoming the top selling beverage in the US, all without a marketing budget. Levia was sold in 2022 for $60M to a publicly traded national cannabis company due to its superior quality and rampant consumer demand for whole-flower beverages.

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Oneness is a pharmaceutical company applying a series of plant-derived therapeutics for FDA approval.

Oneness offers our phase-shift drug delivery platform, Oneness OS®, to consumer hemp and cannabis companies which enables full-spectrum 100% water-soluble finished products.

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