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Powering the most successful beverage company in cannabis history.

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Oneness OS® is a platform for product design geniuses to exercise the fullest potential of their creativity by leveraging any type of hemp or cannabis extract. 

In 2020, Levia came to Oneness with a vision for a new cannabis beverage that had never existed before, a beverage that offered consumers a full-body high experience just like smoking the flower. Levia had conducted R&D on every other cannabis solubility technology, but none provided an authentic full-spectrum experience, which left the products feeling flat and artificial.

“…none provided an authentic full-spectrum experience…”

Only Oneness OS® could provide a 100% water soluble, shelf stable, true full-spectrum cannabis experience. As an added benefit, Levia spent $0 on additional equipment to include Oneness OS in their manufacturing process. Dr. Chavan developed the products with Levia’s core team, and the rest is history.

Only Oneness OS® could provide a 100% water soluble, shelf stable, true full-spectrum cannabis experience...”

Levia launched in 2021 and achieved $10M in sales in its first 10 months becoming the top selling beverage in the US, all without a marketing budget. Levia was sold in 2022 for $60M to a publicly traded national cannabis company due to its superior quality and rampant consumer demand for whole-flower beverages.

Levia is a small example of what’s possible when you create with Oneness OS®! Are you ready to be Powered by Oneness?

Oneness is a pharmaceutical company applying a series of plant-derived therapeutics for FDA approval.

Oneness offers our phase-shift drug delivery platform, Oneness OS®, to consumer hemp and cannabis companies which enables full-spectrum 100% water-soluble finished products.

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