Our Technology.

Oneness OS® is the only technology in the world that enables 100% solubilization of full-spectrum whole-flower cannabis in water with
100% solubility. 5 minute onset. 24+ month stability.

Your imagination is your only limit.

Oneness OS® is a platform for product design geniuses to exercise the fullest potential of their creativity by leveraging any type of hemp or cannabis extract. 

Power your Brand.

Whole Flower

Achieve a blissful cannabis beverage or edible experience previously only possible by smoking cannabis.

100% Solubilization

Create products that allow complete solubilization.

Most Profitability

Create the most profitable products in the market.


Flexible Platform

Easily integrate into your business without additional equipment.

24+ Month Stability

Long stability robust across any packaging or product type.


Crystal Clear

Smaller particle size for product aesthetics and fast absorption.

Gut Permeability

Products that easily pass through the membrane wall to enhance your customer’s experience.

Innovative Products 

Create an endless list of innovative products for different applications.

5 Minute Onset

Your customers will experience rapid onset with potent effects.

A competitive edge.

Solubility solutions used by the cannabis industry today are severely limited adaptations of pharmaceutical technology that is over 25 years old. These technologies create very unsatisfying and dull psychoactive effects because they extensively alter the original plant material and produce limited solubility improvements. These technologies are noted by the milky or hazy solutions they produce.

Competitor Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract in MCT Oil

Time:30 minutes

  • 9% 9%

Competitor Water Soluble Distillate

Time:30 minutes

  • 30% 30%

ONENESS OS® Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract

Time:5 minutes

  • 100% 100%

Source: BioLink Lifesciences, NC

Costless Implementation.

Create water soluble cannabis in-house without purchasing any additional equipment. Leverage your own cannabis raw material for a streamlined, effortless, and costless setup and water soluble production process.

Crude Oil

Oneness OS®

Crystal Clear Product

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Oneness OS® is the most sophisticated technology to power your products with 100% full-spectrum solubilization, robust stability, and at no additional implementation costs, increasing profitability for your brand.

Oneness is a pharmaceutical company applying a series of plant-derived therapeutics for FDA approval.

Oneness offers our phase-shift drug delivery platform, Oneness OS®, to consumer hemp and cannabis companies which enables full-spectrum 100% water-soluble finished products.

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